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Jacqueline is a professional basketball player and trainer with a passion for engaging in and promoting social and charitable activities. Jacqueline has been playing professional basketball for 5 years in various countries—Mexico, Finland, Australia, Greece, Puerto Rico, Spain, and Lithuania. She has also been a member of the Mexican national team since 2017. In addition to playing professional basketball, Jacqueline contributes to the communities that she inhabits by providing training and coaching to athletes of all ages and skill levels, which includes volunteering and partnering with schools and local programs. Jacqueline has managed and executed the delivery of numerous basketball camps and clinics in countries such as Mexico, Australia, and the USA. She was a Division I student-athlete, and Global Studies major at UC Santa Barbara for two years before graduating from the College of Charleston with a Bachelors in Communications and a minor in Business Language in Spanish.

Jacqueline Luna Castro: Meet the Team
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